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DR D.S, Somerset

Many thanks for the two items purchased recently. Both are of exemplary quality, and were delivered promptly in robust packaging. I look forward to buying from you again soon and heartily recommend you to friends and colleagues.

M.B, Herts

Suit  arrived in excellent time and packaged well. Certainly will need some alterations but I expected that as we are different shapes these days. Shoulders fit perfectly but I could fit another person in the jacket and there's room for three in the strides! However, I have a wonderful suit to work with. Delighted by the overall condition, cleanliness and pressing. Very impressive and I will definitely return to the Savvy Row chaps. Pip pip!

J.C, Bucks

The nailhead Hackett is perfect, all I could wish for from a high-quality RTW suit, and the  cashmere coat a touch of luxury that, given its loose fit, makes me feel a trifle louche; which is what I am – in a gentlemanly fashion of course.

N. G-T, Wiltshire

Just writing to thank you so much for this order, comprising the Gen Shankar british warm, the shawl dinner jacket and the braided evening waistcoat.  All are in great condition as described, fit well, and are very much 'keepers'!  

C. P-B, Hants

Just a quick note to let you know that the suit has arrived and it’s fabulous!  How very kind of you to have a suit specially tailored for me – couldn’t fit better if I’d been there at the fitting! Anyway, thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

P. H, London

Thank you for my herringbone tweed jacket. I am over the moon as it is a perfect fit. I will definitely be using your service again.

G.O, Poland

Paul, It’s arrived. It’s amazing! Thank you, I intend to be a regular customer.

A.K, New York USA

Incredible service – it’s just arrived. How do you do it? And an almost perfect fit. Many thanks, yet again!

A.A, East Sussex

Following my recent rush of blood to the head, I thought I should let you know the outcome of my spending spree. I am very pleased with all the recent items. Grenflell field coat and the Singapore three piece both very pleasing. I thought I would try the Henry Poole suit even though a couple of the measurements were risky. I am glad I did. The suit is a very good fit but for slightly more than a glimpse of shirt cuff - but within the bounds.

C.H, California USA

Dear Mr. Tiernan, I received the trousers today. Couldn't wait to put them on with the rest of my vintage morning suit. They where the last authentic piece I needed. There is no comparison on the quality and tailoring. Modern trousers don't come close to the quality of these trousers. The photographs on your website didn't do them justice. Perfect fit on the waist and love the high waist tailoring. I look forward to shopping your site in the future for more exciting vintage offers due to the quality and service you have provided.

C.L, Herts

Just picked up coat from Post Office and gave to my friend who is over the moon with. I am very pleased with it my friend had one in the 60`s and was always going on about the fact he had a real reefer jacket not one of those thin light weight things. So it was nice to get something that’s so unusual yet so missed by him (I suspect his original was quite a few sizes smaller but this fits perfectly). I am surprised how heavy it is (just under 2 x heavier than the 50`s wool overcoat I got from you 2 years ago), still it was made for real sailors!

D.C, Scotland

I've bought a number of items from Savvy Row and have always been delighted with the service, this is another example. My passion for excellent vintage items has not gone unnoticed and I've been recommending Savvy Row to friends and acquaintances as I know they'll be as impressed as I.

S.H, France

I have in my possession a most handsome article of clothing. You, sir, have done yourself proud. The coat is even better in hand. Perfect in every way. And the few small disturbances of the weave will be readily remedied. Thank you for your outstanding service and first rate quality. I’m delighted to have found you.

A.F, Paris

The blazer arrived in perfect shape and I have already worn it at several occasions. Really nice and an excellent quality. Thank you once again for your professionalism.


Many thanks! I couldn't be happier with the replacement. Taking greater care over the measurements the second time around (specifically measuring FLAT) means I have a coat that fits perfectly!  I will certainly look to order from you again.


Lovely stuff you collect and sell. It's a shame I'm such a common size; beautiful pieces are often scooped up before I get an opportunity to grab them. Regardless, you've helped increase my knowledge of proper men's attire immeasurably. Consider me a loyal customer, and expect my patronage for many years to come.


All safely arrived, excellent quality and very pleased.  You have had some fascinating items recently!


Excellent!!!!! in perfect condition ....this will be the first of a long series!!!

G.D, Kingston upon thames

Good morning. that wonderful Daks suit arrived safely the next day as promised. It fits like a glove, well like a suit really. All as described and in lovely condition. Thank you very much. PS. Hurry up and get more size 48 in.!!

F.Z, Denmark

I just get my 2 jackets 13 PM by Post Denmark many Thanks for fast delivery and your service. It has been fantastic to buy at your shop sadly is not always I am fast enough as there has been some jacket there was nice but sold but that’s life. I will have my new jacket on tomorrow we have Christmas here in Scandinavia and on New Year’s Day I will have the other on. I hope there will be some nice thing in 2015. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all at SAVVY ROW.

I.D, London

All best - and thanks for a great year. The heavy heavy 1952 great barleycorn tweed is the most incredible gift ever worn. Even fashionista wife adores it..also had a heavy flannel charcoal three piece from the ex-governor of Bermuda and that is causing quite a store amongst admirers. Wore it to a party on the Row and a number of tailors were most keen to get at the label and were all keen to hear about the source...

A.G, West Midlands

In appreciation Just a few lines to acknowledge and congratulate your companies good customer service and quality of goods received, I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends.

A.H, New Zealand

Just a quick reply to say that both parcels have arrived here now no troubles, I'm absolutely stoked with the suit too. I think it's about my best purchase from you to date!

M.L, Canada

OMG! Finally received this in the mail after waiting for customs, and this beauty was well worth the wait. A beautiful color, totally unique, the jacket fits like a charm and the pants are the right length, they just need to be taken in at the waist. Couldn't be happier. You guys are awesome. I will be sure to send photographs of the suit in action at the wedding. I decided not to return the first suit I had ordered, as it was too nice to let go and I'm going to try to have it tailored for winter use. Keep up the good work.

J.L, Malaysia

Just a note to let you know I have received the dinner jacket as ordered. I am pleased to inform you that it is in mint condition and the fitting could not have been more perfect!! It was as if the dinner jacket was made to measure for me!!

I.G, Hants

The Cordings suit arrived today and just had a try-on...it fits me as if it were tailored for me. Fantastic in every way...including your most excellent service. Thought it would be nice if you knew how pleased I was!

T.J, Germany

The jacket arrived today: it's beautiful, exactly what I wanted - and a perfect fit!

S.G, Paris, France

Thank you for the prompt delivery all the way to Paris. Another great product, another happy purchase.

J.W, Wales

Just a quick note to say that my jacket arrived today and I'm well pleased with it. It looks like new (one of the inside pocket is even still stitched up) and fits a treat. Great jacket, great price, great service. 

G.V, London

I’ve just been to the sorting office to pick up a Joseph Monaghan jacket and cashmere flat cap ordered from yourselves last Friday. To say that I’m chuffed is an understatement.  I was a little dubious about fit for both items, but in reality both could have been made for me.  The jacket seems to have been constructed with Irish weather in mind and so should be fine for polar exploration, solo crossings of the Atlantic etc. So, thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service, and I look forward to becoming a repeat customer.

M.S, Suffolk

Fantastic jacket - great service. Thanks chaps!

A.M, Japan

Hi Paul, just to let you know the kilt jackets arrived safely-they are very nice! I'm rather slim so I may need to adjust the lovat green, but it's great to see such truly vintage tweed. I'll try and send a few photos your way when I have a chance to get kilted up. I look forward to being a return customer

M.B, West Midlands

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how delighted I am with the John Collier overcoat that I’ve just bought from you. It is a fantastic coat that is in wonderful condition, it looks as though it has never been worn. It also fits so well that it could have been made for me. Being a cricket fanatic it is not often that I wish for winter, but I am very much hoping for a cold snap so I can wear it.

M. S-B, Sydney, Australia

I'd like to thank you for your excellent service and excellent product, it's well-nigh impossible to source beautiful British tweed over here and I thoroughly enjoy receiving your emails as they prompt me to look again at your site. Although it took me about six months to spot a hacking jacket that I liked and thought would work well in the Antipodes, I'm delighted to say that thanks to you and all the gang at Savvy Row, I'm now stepping out in fine style in Sydney. Looking forward to spotting another gem on your site.

Dr P.M. Hornsby, Wiltshire

Just a note to say the coat arrived today. Absolutely blown away - fantastic quality, it was great speaking to you on the phone the other day simply because of the enthusiasm you had for great service. Have recommended you to friends, and I really hope the business is a great success - thank you!

J.P, Denmark

Just wanted to let you know that I got the coat today. It is absolutely stunning! I am very very pleased with it, and the condition is better than I had ever expected. Thank you very much.

R.P, Bucks

Just a quick note to say the suit arrived safe and sound. I am very pleased as it just what I was looking for so many thanks for your help. Hope to do business again soon.

A.B, Yorkshire

My blazer arrived this morning and I am delighted with it.  Excellent condition, as described, and excellent fit.  It could be made to measure! Thank you for your first class service, I shall visit your website regularly and have no doubt that you will be hearing from me again.

A.F, Sweden

I have now received the Huntsman jacket. It is splendid. Absolutely magnificent. Best regards from the archipelago of Stockholm!

Dr M.C, Oxford

Many thanks for the swift and safe delivery of the delightful grey d/b worsted suit. On trying it on, I discovered it could have been cut to fit me, so thank you also for your careful measurements and description of the garment.

N.K, New York, USA

Paul – your items proved a great success at my wedding in France on Saturday, especially the magnificent Herbaut Denneulin evening tails which fitted beautifully once the sleeves had been let down a little. I have referred my friends to your excellent and amusingly useful website.  They won’t find better or more affordable offerings, even if the English humour passes them by!

M.P, Sweden

I today received delivery of above order and am very happy with the speed and manner in which my order was dispatch! Thank you for this and for an absolutely fantastic suit!

F.L, France

I have just received my suit and it's absolutely stunning! The fabric is beautifull! I really like it...and the trousers! I have just to make adjustments (reducing the waist a little, accentuate a little the back and get longer the arms) but it's very well to me! This first order will not be the last one and help me to refine my measurements for the next ones! Thank you very much!

D.W, Germany

Dear Savvy Chaps, I have safely recieved the order after a bit of delay caused by my own domestic post service. The Royal Mail has yet again outshun the far famed German perfectionism by days. My order however arrived perfectly alright and in quite the excellent condition you advertised it. Your measurements have been as exact as ever and the fit is thus just as perfect as I had hoped it to be. The suit excels the picutures in good looks and the fabric is just dashing. I wish to extend my gratitude for providing me with yet another wardrobe essential and a new favourite to see frequent use soon. The service was as with my previous orders impeccable from your side and I am overall quite delighted.

M.R, Japan

Very many thanks for the prompt air mailing of the dress kilt jacket and vest - quick to arrive. Smart garments, good fit, and I'm very happy with the transaction. I'll keep an eye on your site for other, perhaps more general, attire.

T.Y, Herts

Many thanks for the prompt service and even more so for the fabulous Valentino jacket…it fits a treat. If everything else you sell is of the same high standard and I am sure it is, then all I can say is a ruddy marvellous chaps thank you!!

D.W, London

What a very fine titfer. It fits well; strictly a touch short fore and aft, whilst slightly broad in the beam, but that is frequently the case with top hats. In any event it will last the day without discomfort and it's certainly resolved a dilemma with respect to Ascot. I'll be able to attend in full Savvy Row regalia this year. The original box is a pleasing bonus too. Belated thanks for the various other items you've provided over the course of the last year. Prompt and perfectly described as ever, allied with courteous and well informed service. What's not to like?

L.M.W, Northumberland

I liked the first tweed jacket so much that I couldn't resist ordering a second,it arrived this morning & again I haven't been disappointed, it fits like the proverbial glove.

C.E Driver, Somerset

Thank you so much for these excellent items. I am wearing the Harris Tweed as I write, and it is very much like my first HT jacket circa 1967. They are all wonderful pieces, the Joce covert coat being particularly pleasing.

L.M.W, Northumberland

My jacket arrived this morning and to say I'm pleased would be an understatement,I am delighted.A slight tightness around the stomach perhaps but that is more my fault than the jackets and nothing a more sensible diet wouldn't rectify.My only regret is that I didn't find your excellent site before I purchased two new tweed jackets at over four times the cost last year.I shall be keeping a close watch on your offers in future, thank you for your service.