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We Still Love EU!!

We ship to all European Union destinations, via Royal Mail and DHL. 

We remove UK VAT at checkout. You will then pay the applicable rate of VAT, any customs duty chargeable and a small customs handling fee, yourself, to the courier / postal service in your country, prior to delivery of your order. The courier / postal service will usually contact you by email, containing a link to make the required payment. Once you've made the payment, your order is delivered to you within a couple of days.

The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods. The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country. For further information, contact the customs authority in your country.

Returned items - we refund the item cost that you paid to ourselves. We cannot refund VAT or any other charges that you are required to pay, locally, in your own country. You should address any claim for refund of these charges to the customs authority in your own country.

Refused items - if you refuse delivery of an order, there will usually be a significant charge (levied by the courier) for 'return to origin' cost. This amount will be deducted from any refund due. If the 'return to origin cost' exceeds the refund amount, this balance must be paid to ourselves before the item is returned (if not, the item may be destroyed).