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Condition Guide

We want you to be confident about your purchase from us. We use this clear and specific grading system to ensure that you know what to expect:


Mint: An item that is as perfect and pristine as when it was originally made and shows no sign of wear (mint condition is rare for vintage clothing).

Deadstock: An item that has remained unworn in it's original packaging for several years (sometimes decades).

Immaculate: An item that appears to have had very little wear.

Excellent: An item that shows very minor signs of wear from occasional use but has no significant flaws.

Very Good: An item that would be considered 'Excellent' but for some minor flaws.

Good: An item that is wearable but has some obvious flaws.

Restoration: An item has significant flaws but its historical value merits an investment. 


All items are steamed, inside and out, prior to dispatch. Unlike some abrasive cleaners, steam is both penetrating and gentle at the same time. By effectively rehydrating and breaking the bonds of muck and dirt, it's highly effective at spot-cleaning and deodorising without rough treatment. Many manufacturers are now building steam technology into their latest washing machines and dryers. We recommend dry cleaning before storing items out of season, e.g. when putting overcoats away at the end of winter / spring.

Note: Even after steam or dry cleaning, items that are several decades old should not be expected to smell like new.