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Dr. B.I, Germany

I did receive the morning suit yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with the suit, the overall condition is much better than I expected from the photos.

M.L, Edinburgh

Just a short note to say that the coats arrived safely, and they are both fabulous. I took them into the local tailor for a slight adjustment (the previous chap must have been a tad more portly) and he was amazed at the quality of the Crombie cloth. His exact words - "Aye, they dinna mak them like this ony mair!"

I.G, Hampshire

Just to let you know that the breeks arrived today...fantastic service! The breeks themselves are just perfect...even the repair gives it an authenticity. First item I have managed to be on time to actually get. Keep up the good work, all best wishes.

S.G, Bedfordshire

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful cravat (and service). The beige & red details complement my 1947 French bicycle to perfection. I am well on the way to a grand entry in next years Anjou vintage bicycle festival in the Loire Valley, France.

D.C, North Ayrshire

I’ve just taken delivery of my Burberry Tweed jacket and I’d like to say how delighted I am with the item and with the promptness of delivery. At the same time my cravat arrived too and, like the jacket, it is of a superb standard. I’m actually surfing your site as I write this to find some more hidden treasures. What an excellent experience. I’m already looking forward to my next purchase.

R.C, France

Couldn't get back to you till now due to work and also just got back yesterday after attending a seminar over the weekend, at which I virtually wore the suit for 3 days. And it is everything you said it was -- and more! Perfect fit, extremely comfortable and the cloth is simply magnificent. After the two days wrapped in the package you sent it in to get to me (and I must say, what great service -- sent on same day ordered and received 2 days later!), not a wrinkle. I cannot believe it will be 50 years old next year, looks like it was just made, either it was hardly worn or else it must have been extremely well cared for -- and I've no doubt it will certainly outlast me! And the fine detailing (eg the leather strips inside bottom of trouser hem, which still look almost new) is just extraordinary. Just goes to show what one of the best tailors in the world can do. I will have to drop by Gieves & Hawkes when next in London to see their records as I'd like to know what the cloth is. So, thanks again for your great service and a fantastic suit!

J.R, Derbyshire

Thank you very much for your prompt action on this matter, it is good to know that there are still some places where customer service is a priority. I shall continue to watch your stock updates to see if something takes my fancy.

A.A, East Sussex

Your postal service is remarkable compared with what we are used to in our neck of the woods. The coat arrived this morning and is very pleasing, just as the Major of Fulham suit is from the other week.


Coat arrived in excellent shape, and it fits perfectly as though it were custom tailored. I will be wearing this at my wedding it is so good. Thank you for your excellent services, I will be writing a stellar review. Look for it on Fedora Lounge and elsewhere.

P.T, France

Greetings from France, I just received my order and I must say I am really satisfied by both the jacket and the cummerbund. I want to thank you for the fast shipping, good descriptions and great prices.

C.d.B, Switzerland

Just received the raincoat. Superb quality & great deal ! Thank you very much.

M.P, Berkshire

Just a line or two to say Parcel just received, thank you. Great item which fits perfectly at a very reasonable price. Fantastic service and I will definitely be back to shop with you again. Now can’t wait now for Goodwood Revival!

J.B, Inverness

Once again, I have experienced quite outstanding service from Savvy Row and the Post Office. My purchase has just arrived after my ordering it yesterday afternoon. The breeks are as you describe, quite immaculate. I am delighted. Many thanks,

C.C, London

Just a quick note to say that the suit arrived bright and early this morning and I could not be happier – it (almost) fits like a glove: the smallest adjustments will mean the suit will have many more years of happy use! I cannot thank you enough for your help on this one, and will be in touch again soon, no doubt.

L.M, China

I have just received the suit, it is dashing! I just have to make a few modifications then the fit will be perfect. Thank you very much, I am very pleased.

C.H, London

I could not be happier with the G+S suit I bought from you. It fits like a glove and is in mint condition - clearly barely worn Fantastic value at 225 pounds for a suit that would as you say cost at least 2,000 new. All power to you.

S.H, Norfolk

I have just taken delivery of my German tailored 1950’s suit. I would just like to say how impressed I am, not only with the superb quality of the suit, but with the speed and efficiency of your service. Keep up the good work and I am sure I will be coming back to buy more from you very soon.

J.J, Finland

Hello sir, I bought Apsley suit from the sale: Beautiful delivery and what a speed! I already tested it and it was perfect fit! Just like you described it. True to measures, even better than I expected. I ordered Apsley another suit straight away. Keep on good service!

C.H, London

Paul, I'm very impressed with the quality of the kit from your website. All very clean and in excellent nick. I'm a tailoring fanatic and was a patron of Douglas Heyward before his untimely death - I have numerous suits made by him including a green velvet smoker that almost broke the bank but is my prized possession My sons are now eyeing up some of your stock ! Keep up the good work.

C.P, Cheshire

My first purchase. Jacket condition and quality  beyond expectations. Arrived this a.m. at 07.30. Posted yesterday, i.e. day of order. Unbeatable service! Many thanks to the Chaps! Will be back.

A.B, Yorkshire

Suit delivered. Fits perfectly. Quality fantastic. Thanks for all your help and I`ll keep checking your website for future items.


Today I received the 4th jacket that I have purchased from you. and, like the others, the quality is superb. I am extremely pleased with the service that you provide. It is first rate.

P.G, France

I just wanted to confirm that the ordered DB suit successfully arrived on saturday morning at my PO BOX. The suit fits perfect, no need to alter it apart from the trouser length. I love its 1940s touch . All in all I'm very happy with this order as usual, thanks to you and the chaps.

A.S, Lancashire

Many thanks Paul. Waistcoat arrived . Great quality and I`m wearing it now- compliments most trousers I wear for work- my business has a strict dress code. Chaps must always be smartly dressed!! No jeans and trainers/casual foot wear frowned upon.

T.P, Cambridge

I have taken delivery of the jacket, and would like to thank you for all your help along the way. It really is a lovely piece, and fits like a dream. If you come across any 36L barathea trousers please let me know so I can snap them up!

I.B, Derbyshire

I've been a long time browser of the site and last week I finally gave in to temptation. I'd just like to say thanks so much for the speedy delivery of my blue Irish tweed suit. A navy tweed has been on my list of 'desert island suits' for a while so naturally I snapped it up when one came along in my size. Although on second thoughts, tweed may wear a little warm on the desert island. The measurements were spot on and the range of photos meant this was no pig in a poke. Incidentally, next on the list is a grey donegal tweed (preferably three piece, with colourful nubs)...so if one happens to come along I'll gladly give in to temptation again!

B. P, Aylesbury

The check tweed suit arrived yesterday, I only ordered it on Thursday how do you do it? It's everything I had hoped it would be. The measurements you provided ensured that it's a near perfect fit. Thanks for the great service

Y. F, Japan

Dear Mr.Paul Tiernan / Savvy Row, I have received the item in good condition. I am sincerely grateful to you for the excellent tweed jacket. The tweed of this jacket is very fine. I love the jacket, and I'll cherish it. Thanks again.

H. H, Iceland

Dear Paul, Many thanks for your reply. I have worked out my measurements and have already bought my first suit from your store. I must say that your shop and website is one of the best sites that I have come across, not just in clothing but in general for internet shopping. Please keep up the good work. Dont worry about the measurements, spend all your time on listing more wonderful items on your site! :-) Many thanks and best regards

Cpt. S. J, BFPO

Gents, Outstanding service on the Austin Reed double breasted blazer. Exactly as described and in wonderful condition even down to the original buttons. Minor adjustments tailored by hand last night. Amazed that even the tailor tacks were still in place inside the hip pockets! BFPO delivery via Royal Mail worked very well. Thanks for a tremendous service, and I shall look forward to future purchases.   

M. B, France

Dear Mr Tiernan, Thank you. The Duffle coat you sent  me is just what I wanted. The whole operation Savvy Row has been a really agreeable experience for me. Good luck to you  

D. W, London

Dear Paul, Thanks for the Glen Check suit. Very appealing cut and perfectly suited for the weekend. As with all other items I've received from you it's just as described, quickly despatched, and a treat to wear. Morning suit, vintage frock coat, CC40 overcoat, a number of suits and the odd hat, scarf, waistcoat etc., have all been spot on. One problem. Insufficient wardrobe space. Regards

R. M, Scarborough

Dear Paul, This was my first order with you and I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service and how pleased I was with the morning trousers. I work for an Undertaker and have placed your card in the staff area as some items we have to purchase ourselves. Kind regards

J. M, Kent

Hello, The jacket arrived safely and was exactly as described, and it fits very well; I'm delighted with it. Many thanks,

I. D, London

Dear Paul, Forgot to write following purchase of that Italian evening suit - when we next need to come together for a bespoke adventure, that old fellow is the perfect size guide. It fits like a glove. An astonishing bit of history and I'm very very glad to have it. Will send a pic of me in it at next available soiree. All very best

J.B, Edinburgh

Dear Chaps at Savvy Row, My suit & waistcoat arrived in the post this afternoon - just to let you know how delighted I am with both. A perfect fit in each case! Many, many thanks for your splendid selection of magnificent togs and your expert dispatch of same - couldn't have had a better service from Saville Row itself! Yours, a delighted customer.

T.T, London

Dear Paul, Just to say thank you for the splendid velvet jacket which arrived promptly today. It really is lovely (albeit I probably need to lose a pound or two to make it less snug – which I entirely expected). That endeavour is in hand and now I have a reason to focus! Many thanks


Hi, I want to tell you how wonderful this entire experience has been. I tripped on your website searching for a winter coat a month or so ago and signed up for your email alert service. About twice weekly I received notices on the exact type items I was looking for. From those I purchased a lovely wool Crombie style coat and a tweed bespoke jacket. The transaction went very smoothly, I was kept abreast of the shipping and got tracking information right away. Living in New York I expected that it would take weeks to receive my package, but to my delight within a few days my coat and jacket had arrived. They were both immaculate and better than described, it would take me hours to find the small flaws that were noted on the website. I can not thank you enough for your services and quite frankly for saving and caring for clothing that just can no longer be purchased at any price. You have built a long term customer and advocate, I can't wait for my next purchase. Again thank you so much!

R.A, Cheshire

The suit arrived today and I just wanted to say 'wow', finally an Internet company that far exceeds the promises that it makes on its website. The dinner suit is far better than I expected for a vintage suit and the fit is excellent. So, a hearty Thank You from me - you are excellent to deal with.

A.L, Nottingham

Just a quick note to express my satisfaction with the Harris Tweed jacket I purchased last week. It is of the quality described ('excellent') and the measurements provided on your website were spot-on, making it a truly great fit. I might have ordered it in the afternoon, but it still arrived next day. I will certainly be ordering from you again in the future. Many thanks,

M. d-R, Italy

I am very proud of my new old check tweed shooting breeks. I wanted to bear witness to the quality of the fabric, the courtesy of Mr Tiernan and excellent service. Your faithful visitor,

M.B, Birmingham

Dear Paul, the current cold snap has given me a welcome opportunity to wear both the vintage Crombie coat and the full length Harris tweed overcoat that I bought from Savvy Row a few weeks ago. Both are easily the warmest coats I have ever owned and I notice that I am about the only person standing on the train platform in the morning not shivering. Additionally I feel a cut above the puffa jackets and car coats that most people seem to wear, and the Crombie coat in particular has attracted a couple of "nice coat" comments. It just goes to show that they really don't make them like they used to. I just thought you'd like to know that, in this part of England at least, you have provided a very important service, and your splendid coats have come into their own. Many regards,

P.D.J, London

Dear Sir, I am writing to thank you for swift delivery of my recent purchase from Savvy Row. This was my first purchase, and I doubt it will be my last. The Velvet Smoking Jacket will get its first outing in my custody on 16th January at the hall of the Worshipful Company of Drapers in the City of London. I have commended the services of Savvy Row to my followers on twitter.

P.M, London

Dear Paul, the booty arrived today you are always so quick! Upon trying everything on, a perfectly comfortable fit for all items. What a dream - a suit perfect for my new shoes (Loake cream and chocolate 'correspondent's shoes').  The light Brown herringbone in beautiful condition and lovely and warm in these cold days, resonating with my glorious shoes (I may well send you a photograph). The brand new dark green moleskin breeks go with the fabulous yellow / brown check, very vintage and indeed warm and heavyweight tweed jacket from your sale. My wardrobe is fat and satisfied from the festivities. Thank you.

I.C, Australia

Hi Paul, Thanks so much for that advice! Although I could try eBay or other options, I have developed great faith in your store based on my previous shopping experiences with you, and would prefer to purchase from Savvy Row. Your meticulous attention to detail, exceptional range, exquisite taste and magnificent customer service are compelling reasons to shop with you! I'm tipping your name to everyone that comments on my great new purchases. And yes, it increases my competition - but could a chap do any less to allieviate the fashion plight of other chaps?

K.H, Wiltshire

Hi Paul, just a short note to say how pleased I am with the coat - very warm, just in time for the cold weather. Didn't think I was ever likely to find one of this quality in this part of the world, so many thanks

G.M, Middlesex

Dear Sirs, I just wanted to write and thank you for the quick shipping of my purchase, which arrived safely this morning. I am delighted with my purchase and will no doubt become a repeat customer in coming months. Kind regards,

A.C, France

Dear Sirs, just a short note to tell you how delighted my 17 year old son is with his Vintage Crombie Wool Overcoat.  It arrived in perfect time, perfect condition and at a very good price, including delivery to France. Now that the cold weather has arrived, he wears it to school every day and is not only warm but classically stylish.  Many thanks

D.W, Germany

I must say I am very happy about my order. It was my first purchase of clothes with Imperial measurements and your detailed presentation helped a lot. Now I know where I may include an inch more the next time but I will definitely come back to your services. The suit is great and the double-breasted style along with the Birdseye-weave makes quite an exceptional look. Just what I wanted. About the flaws: I am rather sure I would not have found them without your help. Great shopping experience, thanks.

N.M, London

Thanks  Paul, great service its nice to know even when something is wrong Savvy Row more than live up to there service pledge: Please quote me "its a pleasure to deal with Savvy Row even when things are not quite right, the problem was corrected promptly, efficiently and courteously. Be confident in buying from Savvy Row, they are a fine example of my word is my bond"