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Goodwood Revival On A Budget

Posted on Jul 19, 2017 by Paul Tiernan

If it's your first time at The Revival, or if you've already done most of your 'vintage spend' on  a 1959 Dom Perignon, you may want to adopt some of our tips for looking the part without resorting to desperate measures!

Sweat Your Assets!

Your existing garments can often be dressed up to achieve a very respectable vintage look.

For your blazer - repp tie or cravat, panama hat or straw boater, cream chinos, braces, suede loafer shoes, sunglasses, 'old school' cricket jumper.

For your tweed jacket - cravat or shooting theme tie, waistcoat in contrast colour, trilby hat or flat cap, shooting stick, tweed trouser / breeks or corduroy trouser, braces, brogue shoes.

For a pair of cotton chinos / jeans - collarless shirt, braces, flat cap, work boots, tweed or worsted waistcoat.

For a city type suit (rope / chalk / pin-stripe) - homburg hat, tie pin, pocket square, contrasting waistcoat, braces, oxford shoes, traditional wooden handle umbrella, vintage look satchel / briefcase.

More accessories that will enhance a vintage look - hip flask, cigarette case, cigarette holder, spectacles, pocket watch, vintage lapel badge, walking stick, binoculars (ideal for watching the racing, too).

Start Now!

Give yourself plenty of time to source items. The more you look, the more you will find, and at better prices than shopping at the last minute. Look at all venues...online vintage sellers, vintage shops, flea markets, ebay, gumtree etc. If buying online, ensure that the seller has a fair returns policy just in case the items do not fit or suit you.

Embrace Your Flaws!

Don't get hung up about flaws, repairs, minor damage etc to genuine vintage garments. The price will be lower and the 'patina' will be perfectly at home at The Revival. Just make sure that garments are structurally sound - or can be repaired to be so.

Go Beyond The Revival!

If you are considering a stronger investment, such as a genuine 1940s / 1950s / 1960s 3-piece suit, think about the opportunities for wearing each piece in daily life. A tweed jacket will go with jeans or cords and a pair of brogues. A vintage waistcoat will make a contrast piece for a more modern suit or shirt and jeans. A vintage worsted or flannel trouser will go very nicely with a blazer or sports jacket. Quality is permanent, and always good value.

You Are What You Wear!

Hair, beard, moustache...free accessories! Tattoos? Flaunt them!

Now Get Inspired!

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