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Posted on Jan 15, 2013 by Paul Tiernan

Chaps, we want to see you in your finery! Show off your best vintage finds, inspire others and enlighten us with tales of sartorial learning. Send us your photos and stories, we'll share them here - and send you a £10 Savvy Row voucher.

Quite Chuffed! Ian, in Oz

Hello Paul and team, I keep meaning to send a photograph or two of myself in some of my Savvy Row finery; regretfully, I am quite camera-shy and have never quite managed to overcome this. This all changed on Saturday when a friend of mine, trawling some back issues of the local paper, found that I had been captured by a wily photographer at last year's Tweed Ride! Warm regards, Ian, Australia.

The Good Doctor, Andreas, in Vienna

My first Savvy Row item proved to be the perfect complement to my riding attire (I couldn't wait to get mounted on horseback, so take this indoor photo as a preliminary evidence). Your hacking jacket fits like a glove and the bold check matches its new owner's distinguished boldness in style. Great heavyweight quality and superb condition. I'm already considering another Savvy Row purchase... Cheers from Vienna, Andreas.

Joining the vintage club, Robert in Seattle

Guys - the shooting suit is GREAT! Thanks! Here's a picture on the links at Chambers Bay Golf Course in Seattle with my 1915 hickory golf clubs.

The Franco-Scottish Alliance, Steven in Glasgow

French overcoat. 42". Wool. Fully lined. I have today received my coat and that's 48 hours with the free service. The coat is of exceptional quality and, thinking you described it as immaculate, appears quintessentially new. It is exceptional and simply unmarked. Great weight and cut, I'd say the 42 is a generous cut. The shoulders are perfect and will allow a jacket underneath if needed. The lining is perfect and unmarked. Wonderful and delighted that I have found you. I will be buying again.

The reign in Spain, Charlie in Granada

I am so pleased with it. You have amazing taste and an incredible service. I will keep a look out for more classics. All the best and thank you again. Hot stuff, Charlie!

Bavarian Nights, Hendrik in Nuernberg

Demonic pianist serenades Savvy Chap. Message ends.

Tripping the velvet fantastic in Copenhagen

I just wanted to share a picture of the velvet smoking jacket. I wore it this weekend at a family party. Needless to say, most people were quite impressed. French moustache, velvet smoker, Champagne, seaside. Mon amour...this could get delightfully messy!

Bas, Country Tweed in the Low Countries

Thank you from Holland! Very happy with my country tweed suit. And we're rather happy with you too, dear boy!

Short & sweet in Hackney!

Suit arrived...delightful! Indeed!

Alan, taking Homburgs to Newcastle

Hope you had a great Xmas, and are set for a fantastic 2016. It's took a while, but here I am in my new Scarf and Homburg, which I really enjoy wearing. The Homburg joins my Bowler and Top hat in my wardrobe. Brilliant service and great accessories for me. Many thanks! 

'Parky' looking rather pleased with himself!

Chris Parkinson-Brown from Andover reports "Here are two pictures of me looking very self-satisfied, wearing the new suit, and together with a fine Daks overcoat and grey “titfer,” both of which were earlier purchases from Savvy Row. I look forward to spotting my next stylish bargain on Savvy Row. Toodle-pip!"


Philip...from Durham to Derby Day

Dear Paul, I hope all is well with you and everyone at Savvy Row in Durham. I know I have promised you a photograph for a while now so please find attached a picture of me and the boys at Epsom race course on Derby day this year. Do you recognise the black merino wool morning coat I am wearing? Also, the double breasted dove grey waistcoat which I think you told me was once owned by the Bulgarian Ambassador to Cyprus during WW2! Thanks for these great items and all the other fantastic purchases I have made from you. See you soon. Philip is far left, of course!

Peter N...from Scottish highlands to Dutch Lowlands

Dear Paul, a few months ago I bought a Montrose kilt jacket. You asked me to send me a photo wearing it for the Customer Gallery. I didn’t use the Montrose kilt jacket. Today It was the first day that I could use it very well. I myself am very satisfied with the result. It’s just the combination I wanted. I am very glad that I “found” this jacket in your store.

Scott G...from fairway to highway

Dear Chaps, my latest Savvy purchase, perfectly timed for the picnic season. These 'Open Championship' golf pants are just at home on two wheels as they are on the fairway. Sure to provide comfort for every kilometer of this Weekends 'Retro Ronde' bicycle ride in Belgium. Many thanks, Scott.

Martyn Brunt from Coventry

"I wonder if the attached photo might make a suitable addition for your customer gallery. It was taken at this year’s Brompton World Championships at Goodwood and I’m wearing a suit and waistcoat both purchased from your splendid shop. The race has a minimum dress code of jacket, shirt and tie but I felt that the occasion demanded far more than these bare minimum requirements. The suit is a Gieves and Hawkes tweed suit, and I was obviously taking a risk in wearing it to race in but I thought that being well-turned out was a risk worth taking. I did very well in the race finishing well up the rankings, although my pipe went out with a lap to go. Alas I did not win the “best-dressed” prize which went to a young man in an electric blue suit festooned with pictures of goldfish, however I had the commiserations of a number of people telling me I was “robbed”, and being photographed with a succession of Italian women – a far greater prize I think you’ll agree. Most happily of all I appeared in the Chap magazine’s “Am I a Chap” gallery as an exponent of a random act of chappishness – my joy at this is unconfined. Anyway, thank you for continuing to provide me with such an elegant wardrobe, I don’t know where I’d be without you."

Sheridan Whiteside B.S.C wins Best Dressed Chap!

"I Purchased this rather "Bold" check Hunting suit from your good selves, mid 2013 AD intending to wear it for the Fremantle (Australia)  Tweed run in November of said  year. Unfortunately the weather on the day was a horrid 40c and one  declined to ride in the event, worked about a cue of Heat exhaustion at the very least,  imagine how delighted I was to be able to ride this year in a rather balmy 22c!!! I won first prize for best dressed Male! Thanks to you Gentleman at Savvy Row!"

Andrew Mclaren from Kanagawa, Japan

"Hi Paul, just to let you know the kilt jackets arrived safely-they are very nice! I'm rather slim so I may need to adjust the lovat green, but it's great to see such truly vintage tweed. I look forward to being a return customer."

Nicholas Krasno from New York, USA

"Your items proved a great success at my wedding in France on Saturday, especially the magnificent Herbaut Denneulin evening tails which fitted beautifully once the sleeves had been let down a little. I have referred my friends to your excellent and useful website. They won’t find better or more affordable offerings, even if the English humour passes them by."

Magnus Fossland from Sweden

"Hello Chaps! I had my first (Savvy Row) delivery a while ago and boy am I pleased! Sporting my new Gieves&Hawkes corduroy blazer on the Hertfordshire countryside on my last UK visit I felt right at home. After some minor and surprisingly inexpensive alterations it now fits like a glove. My fathers 35yo corduroy flat cap now has a companion although the cord on the jacket of course is a mark up in quality (or a few)". This is the face of a very happy and surely returning customer. We are also rather impressed by Magnus' splendid 'tash & beard!

Edward Werner Cook, from Connecticut, USA

Attending the 'Silver Lady Soiree' at Sanborn House, in Winchester, Massachusetts. "Step inside the entry way beneath the reflection of beautiful Tiffany stained glass window and spiral staircase. A cocktail hour with delicious passed hors d’oeuvres will begin at 6:30pm in the Oak Room and Library. Dinner will be a full-course meal served in the gold gilded dining room. There will be dancing to the Doug Lowe Jazz Quartet in the Music Room … and other surprises. First level is fully accessible with two powder rooms". An elegant affair, indeed!


Richard Harris from Cardiff

"Really love the vintage clothes you sell. Just picked up an antique Homburg in pristine condition to finish off the 1940s Hector Powe austerity stroller suit. Hope you like the look. Bring back hats I say. I love them!"


Kevin Jackson (aka Sheridan Whiteside BSC) from Perth, Australia

"I purchased this tweed jacket from yourselves a few months back and wore it on the Fremantle Tweed Run (26/11/11) - not my car sorry to say!! Love the online shop".

Ian and Mandi Staniland from Birmingham...

...both looking very sharp for their 'mod' revival party last Christmas.

William Yockey from Bressay in the Scottish Shetland Islands...

...sees no reason to abandon the worsted, even for the extreme weather conditions that are often encountered in those parts. That said, this photo was taken during a whole week of unbroken sunshine - an event that caused many of the locals to faint with shock. A drop of single malt should bring them round!

Niall McGuiness from Edinburgh...

...in 1950s fine check twist tweed suit. A thoroughly decent, robust sort - as, also, is Niall!


Paul White...

...sends us this splendid photo of himself in a very special outfit...I am pictured wearing a suit made for actor James Gleeson for the 1941 film "Affectionately Yours" playing opposite Rita Haywood. The photo was taken at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, New South Wales Australia February 2011."


  • My 1976 100% Cashmere Hawkes overcoat from Savvy Row still looks brand new. With the cold East winds we get here its like going around with a tailor made radiator. It’s warm but not too heavy. Well done to all who submitted photos – nice to see some people still keeping style going.

    Posted by Paul Warburton
  • Richard Harris,a man of obvious taste & style like him I say bring back the hat,but I’m wearing mine whether it comes back or not

    Posted by Lawrence Whitfield

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