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Savvy Top 10: Puddings

Posted on Apr 05, 2011 by Paul Tiernan


Never mind the worsted - here's the Puds!

When the Savvy blog writers are not slaving over a working cuff or ghillie collar, they are slaving (or, perhaps, salivating) over a hot pud. Whilst a chap should eat sensibly (or risk the seams of their bespoke suits), a rib sticking pud is necessary every now and again and the Savvy Chaps are partial to a pudding. In the event of an English summer, we’ve included a couple of lighter numbers to whet the appetite. Please note that custard should accompany where possible, cream may be acceptable but ice cream is considered dangerously modern.

Pineapple Upside-down Pudding

As simple as can be but wonderful nonetheless. Golden syrup, pineapple (always better with tinned), glace cherries and buttery cake mix. Heaven. Also, especially fine eaten cold - well, sometimes a chap just can't wait.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Nursery treat it may be but it is comforting and rather economical to boot. Can be made snazzy by the use of croissants or brioche but we’d rather stick using up left over toast as frugality has never tasted so scrummy.


The mixture of crunchy topping and soft, warm fruit is irresistible. The author’s favourite is peach crumble but it is considered to be best when made with sharp fruit like damsons or gooseberry. Considered absolutely de rigeurby the French, where is it is known as ‘le crumble’. Marvellous.

Rice pudding

This is an easy pud to make as it sits at the bottom of the oven and cooks slowly. The cooking tip here is to stir after about an hour. Whether you like skin on the pud is a matter for personal discretion and prior experiences of school dinners. Refuse tinned; homemade is always better.

Treacle Tart

Hot or cold, this is a sure method to induce diabetes with an astonishing 1kg of golden syrup going into one tart. Add the rind of a lemon to refresh and distract from overwhelming sweetness.

Spotted Dick

Scores very highly on the fnar, fnar factor but a classic suet pud for a very cold winter’s day as it will stick to the ribs and warm from the inside.

Steamed Treacle Pudding

In the same class as Spotted Dick but a little lighter as the sponge can be made without suet, which will help a chap’s waistline. Not much tho’ as lashings of golden syrup is required to make this really gooey and comforting.

Rhubarb Fool

Equally scrumptious with the gooseberry, this creamy and sharp pud is refreshing and comforting all in one go. Don’t be lured by the whiles of yogurt, it is always cream.

Sherry Trifle

An English teatime staple with as many recipes as days of the year with Mum’s always being the best. On paper the mix of jelly, sponge, custard and fruit (sharpened with the liberal dash of sherry) should be revolting but it works.

Eton Mess

Classic chap dish from the renowned public school was traditionally served during the annual cricket match between Eton and Winchester College. Scrummy meringue with whipped cream and strawberries (and was originally made with bananas too), although the author is partial to a ‘mess made with cinder toffee.

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