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B.C, London

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 by Paul Tiernan

I received my  reversible waistcoat yesterday.  Lovely. I must tell you that I love the descriptions you give all the clothes, such as "Rare to find these days, and" wonderful workmanship"  "Delightful cravat". "Renowned Saville  Row tailors ".  Reminds me of Jennifers Diary in Tatler, the lady who used to write it was always using such phrases as "Attended a delightful dinner with the Hon. Mrs. White etc." "Saw her charming garden". If she did not like the host, she would say "Everything was very efficiently organised." Her remarks could ruin some and make others, the leaders of the season. Her real name was Betty Kenard or I think some  name like that. She worked into her 80s. Best regards.

The Savvy Chap

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