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P.M, London

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 by Paul Tiernan

My gorgeous bespoke tweed suit arrived with 48hours of the final click of the order. Yours has the fastest dispatch time of any website with which I have ever done business. The suit is absolutely fabulous you are always so careful to document any flaws but having carefully examined the garment everything is so slight as to be negligible.

I have been watching your site and waiting for exactly the right suit - in my size - I knew it would appear before very long and when it did I pounced immediately - having lost a few items before by prevaricating. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for and I was correct.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. I am determined to be as beautifully dressed as possible but my shoe-string budget makes having a new Savile Row suit an unlikely dream. However, you make a very good condition vintage Savile Row suit a reality.

Best regards

The Savvy Chap

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