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Gallery: The Franco-Scottish Alliance!

Posted on Dec 07, 2016 by Paul Tiernan

Chaps, we want to see you in your finery! Show off your best vintage finds, inspire others and enlighten us with tales of sartorial learning. Send us your photos and stories, we'll share them here - and send you a £10 Savvy Row voucher.

The Franco-Scottish Alliance, Steven in Glasgow

French overcoat. 42". Wool. Fully lined. I have today received my coat and that's 48 hours with the free service. The coat is of exceptional quality and, thinking you described it as immaculate, appears quintessentially new. It is exceptional and simply unmarked. Great weight and cut, I'd say the 42 is a generous cut. The shoulders are perfect and will allow a jacket underneath if needed. The lining is perfect and unmarked. Wonderful and delighted that I have found you. I will be buying again.

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