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Gallery: Quite Chuffed from Oz!

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 by Paul Tiernan

Hello Paul and team, I keep meaning to send a photograph or two of myself in some of my Savvy Row finery; regretfully, I am quite camera-shy and have never quite managed to overcome this. This all changed on Saturday when a friend of mine, trawling some back issues of the local paper, found that I had been captured by a wily photographer at last year's Tweed Ride!

Whilst such an event would normally be of some concern, I was fortunate enough to be rather admirably clad in a glen check Irish tweed suit (paired with a doeskin waistcoat), both courtesy of Savvy Row. Regrettably as the picture is not in colour, it is unlikely to be suited to your customer gallery - you cannot see the fine detailing that drew me to the suit nor the complex weave that captured the eye. That said, the outfit kept me delightfully warm on a frosty morn and - given that I think I look rather spiffing - I am quite chuffed to send you my first photograph.

Having considered the rest of my wardrobe, I have several more Savvy Row outfits in my ensemble that deserve to be shared... so keep an eye on the inbox over the next few days. Now the first step has been taken, I will try to do the remaining outfits justice.

Warm regards,



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