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Guernsey Jumpers & Criminals!

Posted on Oct 31, 2012 by Paul Tiernan

Putting together a listing for a rather striking scarlet red vintage Guernsey jumper, we came across a pleasantly diverting blog called 'The Tweed Pig'. As well as a history of the item, we also learnt that North Shields (just 20 miles from Savvy HQ, though helpfully separated by The Tyne) was once a hotbed of Guernsey-attired criminal types. Said district is a touch more genteel these days, at least during daylight hours!

Dedicated to all things classically British and chappish, and engagingly written, the blog is well worth following. Other articles that caught our eye were:

When Not Bathing In Budapest - including a short write up on the Gerbeaud Cafe (a firm favourite of Mr. Tiernan!)

Floris - Q & A Session - interview with Floris Director,  Edward Bodenham. Ian Fleming's favoured fragrance was Floris No.89.

Also, good to see their support of British cloth mills, spotted among a well populated 'Made in the UK' section.







  • Many thanks for the mention. We can be found at www.thetweedpig, followed in Twitter @thetweedpig
    or liked in Facebook at http://goo.gl/468Hln

    Posted by Tweedy

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