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Top 10: Christmas Presents For Chaps

Posted on Nov 17, 2011 by Paul Tiernan

It is hard to find suitable presents for chaps sometimes. One wishes to avoid obvious ostentation or extravagance on the basis of manners and taste but an exasperated friend or loved one could do with some hints. As the Festive season is fast approaching, the Savvy Chaps offer their assistance to those buying pressies for chaps.


Subscription to The Chap

The magazine for the raffish, the dapper and the rakish and helps to keep a fellow’s fingers firmly on the pulse of all things which define a Chap. A monthly delight of moustaches, motoring, sharp dressing and the perennially wonderful ‘Am I Chap?’.



From the Charente-Maritime comes an alternative to a single malt for the suave chap. Whilst a single malt is an honourable present (and one which is always gratefully received in Savvy Towers), a cognac will warm gently a chaps cockles in a frankly rather smooth way. Great fun can be had with balloon glasses when sitting in one’s favourite gentleman’s club.



Although the cricketing season seems far off, the Cricketer’s Almanack allows a chap to relive the entire season. Published continually since 1864, it is the cricketing fan’s cornucopia of trivia, scorecards and test reports. Heaven.


Eau de Cologne

Rather than the horror of Lynx ‘aftershave’, we’d suggest an altogether more subtle. Penhaligon’s Eau de Cologne is a classic - originally created in 1927, Penhaligon’s describe their eau de cologne as a ‘classic citrus with subtle ripples of powdered orange and aromatic rosemary. Lithe and highly polished, Eau de Cologne resonates with nostalgia for the bygone jazz age and the glitter of patent dancing shoes’. Yummy! For the more impecunious gent, try 4711 by Maurer and Wirtz, a snip at £9(ish)for a fresh, citrus scent.

Pipe tobacco

We know that a chap will never be seen without his pipe and that a chap does like to indulge in a good shag tobacco. We would suggest Brown Study, as recommended by the Chap (See above). They claim that ‘It is best consumed in the confines of one's study when a contemplative mood is required, though can also be used as a revolutionary tool outside hostelries, to keep the Lambert & Butler-clutching hordes away from one's personal cloud of anarcho-dandyism’.


Tickets to the New Year's Day concert at the Vienna Philharmonic

Performed in the Large Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna since 1939, the concert consists of performances of the music of the Strauss family and mainly other Austrian composers with specific encores (famously the second encore is the Blue Danube and the third is the Radestzky March, trivia fans). Sumptuous and traditional in a wonderfully romantic city – the perfect end to the Festive Season.



Moustache wax

The Handlebar Club recommends a light application to face furniture and the website has a recipe for those who wish to make their own. Twirl the old soup strainer with Captain Fawcett’s moustache wax – light and a scent of sandalwood. For those of you who have participated in Movember – a perfect gift.


Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks to warm a chap’s tootsies are a fine gift. For cashmere, it can only be Pantharella socks (as produced by Woods of Shropshire since 1937). "...slipping on your first pair of Pantherella cashmere socks is a joy that exceeds even the most decadent of indulgencies" according to the slightly over excited Adrian Deevoy of GQ Magazine.

Monogrammed Dressing Gown &  Slippers

For the aspiring David Niven types out there, a splendid way of dressing in one’s leisure time without descending into wearing sports clothing. A chap does have standards.


Port & Stilton

Whilst possibly not ideal for a chap’s cholesterol levels, we at Savvy Row firmly believe that a little of what you fancy is a jolly good thing. Whilst the choice of such victuals is highly personal, the chaps would recommend Dows Tawney fine port and Long Clawson stilton. Yumsk.

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