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Top 10: Holidays for Chaps

Posted on Oct 12, 2011 by Paul Tiernan

When the nights start to draw in and the thermometer shows a stubborn tendency to require a chap to wear a heavier weight of smoking jacket, the chaps here at Savvy Row, (in their very few spare moments), begin to look forward to warmer days. One may already be planning next Summer's expedition, or even a winter sojourn. In any event, might one consider one or two of the following for a jaunt?

Scottish Highlands

Pack a set of tweeds for a summer of shooting, whisky tasting, fishing and, er, midges. Glorious countryside and coast with some of the finest walking in the world where a chap can bag a Munro or two. Best pack some insect repellent tho’.

Monte Carlo

Clamber aboard your Bentley Continental convertible and roar down to Monte Carlo. Host to all the sporting and gambling events (Formula One, poker and backgammon championships) a chap could need. Don a DJ and visit the famous casino for a flutter but try to avoid losing the family silver when you do. Push the boat out and stay in the renowned Hotel de Paris for some extra glamour.


Probably the most sensual and romantic of cities and the perfect place to romance a chap’s amour with the entire fabric of the city exuding sophisticated glamour. A dazzling array of galleries, museums, brasseries, and cafes will ensure that a chap can always find something new.

A Cricket Tour

A chap can pack his panama hat, linen suit and Wisden to follow England’s finest abroad. We would humbly suggest that the Bahamas is the perfect venue (think soft sand, palm trees and rum) but in 2012, a chap can make do with Sri Lanka.

South of France

When the summer in Blighty has been disappointing (again), head off to the balmy shores of the Mediterranean Sea to sample the wine, pastis and wonderful food of southern France. A chap may head off to Nice or Antibes but don’t forget the lovely Grasse, to escape the maddening beach crowds.

Hill Stations in India

In pursuit of a fine cup of tea, a chap can do worse than to head to Darjeeling in the eastern Himalayas. Hill stations offer some relief from the heat of India and are often reached by wonderful steam trains. For the finest, Darjeeling offers tea plantations, wide rivers and imposing mountains. For contrast try the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India, a stone’s throw from the beaches of Southern India. Whilst one’s forebears may have hunted tigers in the hills, one may have to be content with gazing at them through some stout binoculars.

Camping Safari in Kenya

The classic safari a chap can don his pith helmet and stride out into the bush to see the assorted lions, antelopes, cheetahs, hyenas and elephants. Evenings can be spent under canvas, gazing at the stars and quaffing a sun downer.


The classic venue for a romantic weekend with a chap’s favourite squeeze. Whether that is his wife or another, ahem, lady is a matter of personal discretion.

New England in the Fall

The ‘fall’ is what our former colonies insist on calling autumn. Nevertheless, a week or so driving around country lanes in Maine, Connecticut or Vermont in the glorious technicolour of the changing colours of the leaves can restore a chap ready for the rigours of the coming winter.


The bracing air of the North Yorkshire coast can revive even the most jaded of chaps. Whitby has a deal of history and a pinch of the Gothic as Bram Stoker had Dracula stalk its cobbled streets. There is also a wonderful sandy beach, the chance to see the North York Moors by steam train and, best of all, fish and chips from the Magpie Café. Wrap up warm.




  • Cor blimey guv’nor, Southend on Sea? Are you an East Endian ruffian? You nearly made me choke on my cup of whelks! Surely, Westcliff on Sea is much preferred?

    Posted by Mr. Tiernan
  • A splendid choice Mr.Tiernan, I should wish to add, however, that Brighton appears in recent years to have become exceptionally popular and one may sometimes find if difficult to move through the sea of football shirts and frightful colloquialisms. May I suggest that Southend on sea offers a similar clime, occasionally without the masses, and if one is lucky the added spectacle of their annual pier fire.

    Posted by Major Horatio H. Horatio (retd)

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