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Savvy Top 10: Cocktails

Posted on Jun 29, 2011 by Paul Tiernan

As it is summertime and collars are loosening, it is time for a chap to consider what to quaff when the sun is over the yard arm. Once a smoking jacket or evening dress has been donned, what should a chap drink? In a public house it is fine English ale, of course, but if a chap finds himself at a party or some sort of night club, a cocktail may just be the order of the day. However, the line between sophistication and appearing unmanly is very fine. The chaps at Savvy Row avoid anything too brightly coloured or with a vulgar name. Here are our favourites.

Vesper Martini

What else? This is Mr Bond’s chic tipple. The recipe? In Casino Royale, Mr Bond orders ‘three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?'

Brandy and Soda

The Gentleman’s Gentleman will inform you that Mr Wooster likes him to slosh the brandy about a bit but not too much soda. Refreshing for any chap after getting out of a scrape, whether with Aunt Agatha or otherwise.

Tom Collins

A long gin based number which looks sufficiently manly to be carried about at parties in the summer. Looks good with tennis whites.

Whisky Sour

A chap can feel manly ordering this at a bar, especially in a sticky end of town. A short drink, just in case a quick getaway is required.

Sea Breeze

One for chaps who wish to appear a little more health conscious – a tangy mix of cranberry juice, grapefruit and vodka. The chaps at Savvy had their best example at St Nick’s Bar in Harlem. Not that one would show off, of course.

Rusty Nail

One from our American cousins with ‘Scotch’ and Drambuie. One for the Sam Spade wannabies perhaps?


Gin and lime. The gin should be Tanqueray, the lime should be fresh and the ice plentiful. Accept nothing less.

A Hole in One

Mainly included for the double entendre, but a charming combination of iced tea, whisky and honey. Good for Sid James impersonations.

Moscow Mule

For those wanting a little ‘kick’, a fiery ginger beer is livened up with lime and vodka. Feisty.

Whisky Shredder

For those chaps who have a roguish exterior but are a bit of a smoothie at heart may like a shot of whisky topped up with pineapple juice.

Chin chin!


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