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  • 20/1064 t m lewin gold woven SILK TIE
  • 20/1064 t m lewin gold woven SILK TIE
  • 20/1064 t m lewin gold woven SILK TIE
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20/1064 t m lewin gold woven SILK TIE

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Suits Guide

A savvy row buying guide.

A set of working cuff buttons may not be essential for modern living but, for many, they do instantly say 'hand tailored'. There are conflicting reports for why they were invented. Some suggest they were originally designed for surgeons, others say it was for country vets. More features of a hand tailored suit include; canvassed construction, longer lapel holes, horn buttons, bemberg linings, and English-cut trouser. The enjoyment is in the detail!

The savvy course of action is to buy a vintage hand-tailored suit and have any necessary alterations carried out (preferably by an experienced 'old school' tailor). We always have a wide selection of hand-tailored suits in stock, including Savile Row pieces by Huntsman, Henry Poole, Tommy Nutter, Welsh & Jeffries, Anderson & Sheppard and Norton & Sons. Of course, condition and 'the name' will affect the price but what all these have in common are the bespoke details that you're simply not going to find on a ready-to-wear suit. Read more