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Garment Care

A few simple good habits and disciplines will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your vintage (and modern garments). Frequent dry-cleaning is not necessary, or desirable. Use dry-cleaning sparingly, for stain removal and an annual treatment before putting garments away for summer / winter.

Our Top Tips

Before putting away, hang clothes outside of your wardrobe for at least 2 hours.

Use a clothes brush or lint roller to remove, dust, grit and tiny hairs.

Don't store items in closed plastic bags. Like humans, fibres need to breathe!

A cut-off dry-cleaning cover can be used to protect the garment shoulders from dust.

Use good quality wooden hangers. Store clothes with room to breathe, in a well ventilated, dry and dust-free wardrobe. Never hang items in direct sunlight.

Don't wear the same suit 2 days in a row, it needs time to recover shape and for the fibres to rest.

Deal with stains as soon as possible. Never rub a stain, use absorbent white paper towels (one in front, one behind) as blotting paper. Do NOT apply white wine, salt, soda water, vinegar...or any other 'old wives tales'!

If you know things are likely to get very messy, wear something washable!